OFFICE SOUGHT: Columbia County Board of Commissioners, Chair

NAME: Mark Herbert

AGE: 59

OCCUPATION: Home builder and developer

FAMILY: Wife, JoAnn; children Bryan, Tiffany, Kimberly and Burney; six grandchildren



PLATFORM IN A NUTSHELL: Columbia County is an amazing place to live, work and raise a family. Yet we can do better. With more transparency, accountability and citizen involvement, Columbia County can become the No. 1 county in Georgia.

• Streamline County ordinances to make doing business and living in Columbia County easier.

• Communicate with all our citizens without using the Utilities insert, and by using email and text messaging – having open and honest discussions with all citizens.

• Representing all of Columbia County – holding office hours throughout the county to hear from citizens in person. Ensure that our tax dollars are shared throughout the county – not just focused on Evans and Martinez.

• Lower the payroll – using retirement and other means to cut the payroll while making sure that our public safety employees are well compensated.

• Get Columbia County out of the entertainment business – rent our facilities to promoters, removing the risk and liability and cost from the county.

• Cut wasteful spending – examine all accounts and accounting practices ensuring compliance with all rules, regulations and laws. Require full external audits on all accounts every fiscal year. Look for ways to use our resources wisely while providing excellent service to our citizens.

FINISH THIS SENTENCE: “COLUMBIA COUNTY IS … my home. I have lived here, raised a family, started a business and I love Columbia County.”


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