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Ways an Entrepreneur Can Give Back to Their Community


It feels good to give back. As an entrepreneur, you have unique skills and talents that put you in a powerful position to make a big difference. If you’re wondering how to get started with philanthropy, we’ve looked at a couple of ways below.

Time and Money


As Entrepreneur, we have 2 resources that can make a difference in your community. One is your time. We often find that our schedules are more in our control. We can arrange our time in a way that could free up a morning to serve breakfast at the local shelter or take a day off during the week to help an elderly person go shopping. We often work more flexible schedules which makes us more available to help out at times when someone who works for someone else might not be able to help.


Money is another way we can make a difference. Who you give to is one of the biggest challenges. Many great charities need our help and determining which we will support is a decreeing process. Start with your local community. Maybe the community where your business resides. Is there a charity in the office building your offices are located? Or around the corner. Helping those around you helps to position your business as a caring partner in your community. For us, one of our neighbors we love to support is the Columbia County Cares Food Bank. As our neighbors in Columbia County, we know that partnering with them will help our community grow stronger.

Volunteering As a Team

One of the best ways to give back to your community is by doing it with other people. Gather your employees together for a day of volunteering. Many hands help to make short work of any task and build a stronger team who can handle any challenge that might come your way.

Look For Opportunites in Your Community

You might not realize that there are many places in your community that can use your help. A successful entrepreneur knows how to network with other people to find the best ways to help their community. Be sure to use your networking skills to see what areas of your community need you to donate your time or finances to the most. Networking with other entrepreneurs and philanthropists through an organization like Women in Philanthropy is also a way to grow your business network as you help your neighbors. It can be a win-win for everyone.

Organize a Fundraising Event

Every day you plan, organize, communicate and solve problems. These are valuable skills when it comes to organizing a fundraiser. You have spent your time, creating a business. All the elements that you learned along the way are the same elements needed for a successful fundraising event. Put your skills to work for others.

Donating Your Business Skills to a Non Profit in Need

What skills does your company have that could strengthen the work of your local charity. Can you donate advertising or hand man work? Your creativity and passion are valuable resources needed to help your local charity help those in their care.

Becoming An Entrepreneur Philanthropists

Being an entrepreneur grants you tons of freedom when it comes to your workday, making money, and even deciding how your money is spent. When you become one of the many entrepreneur philanthropists you can help to give back to your community and people in need. Giving back with your time and talent will make a big difference in your community, the world, your business, and your own life. Start small but most of all start.

How to Create a Gratitude Jar?

Gratitude Jar with Pink Rose

How to Create a Gratitude Jar?

As you go about your hectic routine, you often miss out on noticing the many positives in your everyday life. Making a conscious effort to reflect ever so often will make you aware of your many blessings, otherwise taken for granted.

It is an excellent idea to channelize your positive energy and record all the things you are grateful for in your life. As a matter of habit, every week, if not daily, dedicate a few minutes towards practicing gratitude.

Benefits of practicing gratitude

  • Enriches your life by inspiring, energizing, and transforming you
  • Gives you the strength to overcome the hardships you may encounter
  • Fills you with positive emotions and a sense of happy contentment
  • Builds strong and lasting relationships
  • Lowers stress and improves sleep quality

Make a beginning

A gratitude jar is an exciting alternative to a journal as looking at it building-up acts as an effective visual mood booster. Read through the slips in your jar to draw your attention to all the good in your life.

To get started, select a plain glass jar with a lid, a stash of mini note sheets, and a pen and place these at a visible location. You can either decorate your jar with inspirational quotes and motivational stickers or keep it simple.

Creating a self-care routine

Gratitude is like a miraculous vitamin that soothes your body, mind, and soul, free of cost. Religiously practicing it can be a life-changing experience even though all this exercise needs is a minimal time commitment from your end.

Focus on the positives and write down your blessings as this form of expression proves more powerful than retaining it in your mind. Make sure you adopt this mindfulness routine, especially on your busiest days when you more than ever need a soul-soothing balm.

Here are some useful tips for creating your gratitude jar that records and stores your blessings:

Keep an open mind

Focus on your life’s many gifts that you are grateful for, like your family, friends, good health, pets, and home. Something you may consider inconsequential once upon a time, like breathing pure air, may one day be a luxury.

Dig deep within and allow yourself to feel gratitude by pleasant surprises or even a kind word. Be specific by describing in brief why the experience fills you with immense thankfulness.

Conform to a schedule

You should view filling your gratitude jar as a healthy habit rather than a tedious task. You can add to your jar either at the start, end, or in between your day.

Whatever is convenient for you, conform to this schedule without fail. The healing act of expressing gratefulness is more fun when your entire family actively participates and contributes towards it.

Share your gratitude

On significant dates like Thanksgiving, New Year’s, or Birthdays, pull out a note from the jar and read it aloud. This simple act of sharing creates such powerful moments of gratitude that take your mind off all the negativity around you.

Celebrate the gratitude month of November by adopting this therapeutically uplifting attitude and, in turn, enhance your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Columbia County Gives News

Mark donates $10,000 to THS construction program

Mark knows how important the construction program at Thomson High School is. The McDuffie Progress covered the presentation to the school on August 15, 2019.

Mark and JoAnn Herbert of Herbert Homes presented a $10,000  check to the McDuffie County Board of Education to benefit the construction program at Thomson High School. Pictured are Trevor Roberson, THS principal; Andy Knox, board chairman; Mychele Rhodes, superintendent of schools; and Jarvis McNair, board vice chairman.

A local developer showed his commitment to education by donating $10,000 to the construction program at Thomson High School.

Mark and JoAnn Herbert, of Herbert Homes, and the developers turning the former 1810 winery in Thomson into a multifaceted residential and commercial entity, presented the check for the construction program to the McDuffie County Board of Education Aug. 15.

In making the donation, he said the money is to be used for supplies and training materials for the multiple pathways offered within the construction career cluster at the high school.

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Giving Your Best Award: Pat Grice

I have known Pat Grice for many years, this award is well deserved. Congratulations Pat. 

Giving Your Best: Pat Grice

By: Jennie Montgomery
Posted: Mar 26, 2018 05:46 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 12, 2018 05:19 AM EDT

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Pat Grice is a volunteer with Columbia County Community Connection and Columbia County Cares. She delivers food and clothing where it’s needed, coordinating with consignment shops and grocery stores.

What began 11 years ago with just one school, now serves 31 schools.

Pat had another reason to celebrate when the WJBF cameras showed up at her office– making it an extra special birthday as she was presented the Giving Your Best award!!!  

News from some of the Charities Mark and JoAnn Support

The Heart Association

Educator Educator

  • Jump Rope Skills
    on August 9, 2018 at 4:40 pm

    jump rope skills

  • Educator
    on July 19, 2018 at 8:23 pm

    The American Heart Association offers programs for the classroom and for the gym to get help kids healthy and performing better in school.

The Heart Association

Affiliate Affiliate

The Heart Association

Advocate Advocate